Extensive digital marketing expertise means we’ve perfected the art and science of
tethering new platforms and applications to our clients’ existing ones.


In One Place

With Rewardian, you’ll consolidate—under ONE platform—ALL your recognition programs: performance-based, wellness, on-the-spot, service anniversary, peer-to-peer, etc.


A streamlined platform = far lower admin expenses. And, less time: While some providers generate reports from archaic systems that take hours, ours deliver in one click.

A Great View

Enjoy a 360° view of all your recognition programs, along with aggregated data for rich insights


Form-Fitted to You

Your brand, culture and core values are precious company assets. Make our platform a reflection of them.

In Your Company’s Image

Configure your unique platform to fit how your company thinks and does business—even your branding. Choose the full product suite or add-on features as you grow. 

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Create custom behaviors (e.g., excellent customer service, going “above and beyond,” creating innovative ideas, etc.), and couple them with recognition triggers.

Comprehensive Choice

What They Want

Miranda wants cooking lessons; Jake, that skydiving adventure; and those killer headphones are just the ticket for Sarah. They’ll all enjoy unlimited choice and flexibility.

Ultimate Choice

No predefined catalogs here. Employees can choose from a vast array of merchandise, experiences, travel, charitable donations and more.

All Programs, One Catalog

All your people—no matter the recognition program they come from—will enjoy the same access to our unlimited catalog.

Boost the Use

An engaging user experience plus relevant ongoing communication — about new updates, features and promotions—means more employee engagement.

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